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Wednesday Wheels: Range Rover Velar by Piet Boon

For this week’s highlight from the automotive world, we have an exclusive Range Rover just for the Dutch market.

Designed by the legendary Piet Boon, whose work has been credited as one of the many reasons as to why Dutch design is so renowned, his work combines with the iconic Range Rover for this limited edition release. This isn’t the first collaboration between these two innovative brands, but this latest addition to the legacy that these two have created, is one of the most exciting yet.

‘Choosing Masai Red to accentuate the sheer beauty of the current Velar design was my way of paying homage to the present day in this Velar Piet Boon Edition,’ says Piet Boon, for whom it is always ‘an honour’ to work with Range Rover. The tinted red is the most obvious element that sets it apart as a special edition Velar, but several subtle features have been etched into the iconic vehicle.

It combines pioneering design (Winner of the World Car Design Award) with an elegant interior that provides luxury, comfort and operating efficiency. Powerful engines combined with All Wheel Drive, IDD (Intelligent Driving Dynamics) and Torque Vectoring ensure an on and off-road driving experience that is unrivalled. And Piet Boon has added his own, unique dimension to this car, available from Range Rover directly.