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Acne Studios replica football kit

At Life After Football we extend the weekend with the EXTRA TIME +4 section. Every week we highlight four stories in the world of football, fashion and lifestyle, in order to keep you updated on fresh and relevant news. This week features Acne Studios replica football kit, the 2024 TechnoGym “Design to Move” exhibition, Fresh n’ Rebel’s new headphone collection, and the “Invincible” Queens Park ladies team.


Acne Studios Replica Football Kit

Acne Studios has launched an unique and striking £360 mock football shirt that challenges traditional sports attire with its high-fashion design. Known as an “appliquéd logo-print striped mesh T-shirt,” the shirt combines the aesthetic of a football jersey with a luxury twist, featuring the label’s name across the chest where a sponsor’s logo typically sits. The design draws inspiration from the colors of Malmö’s football team, showcasing a pastel hue popularized by Acne’s creative director, Jonny Johansson, who is famously known for introducing “millennial pink” into fashion.

The shirt is part of a broader trend where the world of high fashion embraces the stylings of ’80s and ’90s football, with other luxury brands like Balenciaga and Gucci also exploring sports-inspired collections. This Acne Studios piece stands out by blending vintage and contemporary elements effectively, using its satin fabric and intricate jacquard patterns decorated with blooming flowers. The mix of thin and thick stripes, along with a refined color-way of light, rosy pink and off-white, adds a distinctive flair that transcends typical sports gear, making it an unique piece rather than just functional sportswear. This innovative approach to sports fashion underscores designer brands, like Acne Studios, continued influence within sports and high fashion, highlighting a trend that merges athletic sportswear with designer esthetics.


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TechnoGym’s “Design to Move” exhibition

Technogym, a global leader in fitness and wellness, celebrates its 40th anniversary with a spectacular “Design to Move” exhibition at Milan Design Week 2024. The event showcases 40 uniquely designed Technogym benches, each crafted by a different renowned designer, including Patricia Urquiola and Antonio Citterio. This milestone event not only marks four decades of innovation, but also highlights Technogym’s role in bridging the gap between physical exercise and the world of fashion.

Founded by Nerio Alessandri from his family’s garage at the age of 22, Technogym has evolved from manufacturing fitness machines to creating a complete wellness lifestyle brand. The exhibition, designed by Bruna Roccasalva with the vision of architect Giulio Cappellini, focuses on the artistic expression within physical health, demonstrating how uniquely designed products can enhance well-being. A highlight of the exhibit is the “Moon Surface” bench by Dutch designer Osiris Hertman, which features innovative materials like Ferrari car paint and hand-colored Indian leather.

Technogym will auction 15 of these benches in partnership with Sotheby’s, with proceeds benefiting UNICEF, furthering their commitment to global well-being. This initiative exemplifies how Technogym continues to inspire a healthier world through inventive designs and global initiatives.


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“Invincible” Queens Park Ladies

The Queens Park Ladies under-12s have made a historic run in the Bournemouth Youth Football League, claiming the title of “invincibles” by finishing the season undefeated in a boys’ league. Dominating their division with 18 wins, four draws, and no losses, they outscored their competition by netting 61 goals and conceding only 11. This remarkable achievement placed them 16 points clear of the second-placed team, and for the first time in Bournemouth youth football history, guaranteed a boys title for an all girls team.

Despite initial pushback from county FA officials who wanted the team in a girls’ competition, the Queens Park Ladies proved they could compete and excel in the boys’ league. This victory was sealed with a decisive 3-0 win against Lymington Town, making them champions of the boys division. As they prepare to move up to the under-13s second division next season, the Queens Park Ladies continue to inspire young girls everywhere to play and compete for the game they love.


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Fresh n’ Rebel new headphone collection

Fresh ’n Rebel, the Rotterdam based mobile brand, has accessories that not only enhance your mobile experience, but also encourage you to express your unique style. Their latest product release, the Clam headphones, continues this trend with three new variants that focus on performance, elegance and personal expression. Each model, the Clam Blaze, Clam Fuse, and Clam Core, brings something special to the table.

The standout Clam Blaze, for instance, is designed for those who are always on the move, featuring dual ENC microphones for crystal-clear calls and Wind Noise Canceling that ensures uninterrupted audio, even in windy conditions. With a 80-hour battery life and convenient features like Auto Pause and Multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, these headphones are both practical and sophisticated. Priced at €69.99, the Clam Blaze offers an affordable way to wear your sound and showcase your individuality.


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