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Wednesday Wheels: BMW X7 tours across Europe

We’ve had the pleasure of taking part in an amazing journey recently, as BMW invited us on their unique tour across Europe.

Taking the 2019 X7 across some of Europe’s most scenic, challenging and exciting drives, our mission started in Greece where very quickly the sporty performance of this stunning SUV was obvious. The car was comfortable for all inside, especially the driver who can enjoy amazing headroom and legroom whilst enjoying the handling of BMW’s standout SUV.

Clearly a car for those who love to marry performance with a family runner, the X7 can go from a standstill to 62mph in just 5.4s, which is impressive for a car of its size. Seating 7 and with amazing interior, truly top-of-the-range even to 2019’s super high standard, this one to take to training every day, pick the kids up from school and as shown on this trip, journey around anywhere that has roads.

And as you may know, Europe’s roads really vary across the landscape, as the winding sea views of Greece change to the long straight roads of the likes of Bulgaria. Across all-terrain this versatile car prospers, with four-wheel drive propelling it to such an impressive performance.

Available from BMW at outlets across Europe, this has proven to be a popular vehicle for those who have upgraded to the BMW X7 already this year – and we now know why. For more info on this car, check BMW’s website.