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Transfer news

Preseason has already started, the training sessions increase in intensity, it’s the last day of the transfer window and… BAM: a phone call from your agent. Next week, you’ll have to be two thousand kilometres away from home, in a roaring stadium where you’ll be shouted at in a language you barely speak.

Your housing immediately has to be sorted out, your watch collection must be transported safely, and you still have to find an appropriate school for your kids. You even have to check if your drivers licence is valid in that country… who you’re gonna call? Royal De Gruijter of course. Not only do they take care of the relocations of your most precious possessions (including that watch collection), with their worldwide network and unique service, De Gruijter also ensures that you are completely unburdened in the country where you end up.

And we are not the only ones thinking that – the Dutch Royal Family too, who awarded the Royal warrant to this special moving company almost a century ago. Because if it’s good enough for the Royal Family, it will also be good enough for you. And since football players are the royals of today, we use the services of Royal de Gruijter frequently as well. It wouldn’t be classy to mention all those names, but believe us: at De Gruijter, they know what a Deadline Day looks like.

So, if you happen to receive that one long-awaited call of your agent, now you know who to call: Royal De Gruijter moves and unburdens.