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The Netherlands has the best spaces for getting work done…

More and more people are working remotely these days and Mindspace, a company known throughout the world for providing perfect workspaces, has recently set the Netherlands up with some stunning locations.

With 6 locations in Amsterdam and 2 in Utrecht, Mindspace’s presence has really grown in the country in recent times and each location is unique but still holding a level of quality that the brand is known for. A high-end work area is the aim and more and more businesses and teams are gravitating towards such spaces, along with freelancers and independent professionals.

Stunningly designed with fabulous furniture and the all-important coffee is just a start, with the community-like feel and potential for collaboration in such creative hives also being a huge attraction. The get-up of their spaces inspires such fluid thought, with Mindspace Dam being a historic building with big glass-stained windows and art-deco stylings. Meanwhile, Mindspace Herengracht is inspired and influenced by the Dutch Golden Age, a majestic building with ornaments, statues and paintings, sits on the canal at one of Amsterdam’s UNESCO sites.

If you are looking for a refreshing, beautiful environment to work in, it seems that the Netherlands is the place to be right now… or more specifically, Mindspace locations are the place to be.