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This ball makes sitting down good for you…

Sitting has never been so healthy.

The fitness legends that are Technogym have released the Wellness Active Sitting Ball, a wellness ball that encourages active sitting.

Healthy and cheerful again at your desk? Keep focus all day long, be energetic and at the same time actively train your core? How? Simple, by sitting on the Wellness Active Sitting Ball from Technogym. This Wellness Ball encourages ‘active sitting.’

The aim here is to improve the humble chair, making an alternative that is better for posture and for keeping those who work at their desk all day more active. Balancing on the ball, you are constantly in an active, correct posture, which is proven to help you better.

Everyone can sit on the Wellness Ball from Technogym, with a diameter of 55 cm being suitable for almost any height. The ball is made from a high-quality, double layer of rubber and a breathable, hygienic cover in a honeycomb structure. You can easily move the ball around with a handle, helping you be able to train, stretch and relax wherever you need to around the office or your home.

You can find more info about this rather unique release via Technogym.