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iDDNA: Innovative anti-ageing advice…

“We give advice to make the body stronger,” says Bibi Mohamed, the mind behind iDDNA, the most futuristic cosmetic brand that you could ever imagine.

Fifteen years ago, their first luxury skincare program was launched on the market, with DNA central to the whole concept.  Bibi’s intensive search for slowing down the ageing processes through skincare, a healthy lifestyle and more exercise, started in 2016. And since then, there’s been great success.

Bibi Mohamed: “Our research always starts with a DNA test of clients. We also look at the cells. Genetically, we consist of billions of cells. These contain instructions that have been passed on from generation to generation. They can go back four generations and determine our health. Therefore, these tests are a good starting point for our investigations. They indicate exactly where the shortcomings are. Based on that, we issue advice with the aim of making the body stronger.”

The result means iDDNA’s service is completely tailored to each person…

“Every person is different because everyone’s DNA has a different composition. That is why we always provide customised service from iDDNA. In addition to the DNA, we also always look at the lifestyle of our clients. Top athletes, for example, are working at a high level to maximize their performance. To improve their stamina, reduce muscle fatigue and reduce the risk of injury, much is required of the body. Administering the right components such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats are crucial in this. ”

iDDNA has the potential to help athletes as a result of the intricately detailed service provided. So, we had to ask Bibi Mohamed, any advice to footballers?

“Our advice to athletes, in general, is that it is – of course – important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This, of course, does not mean that you cannot sin once, but the correct nutrition must be taken into account. Sufficient sleep is also important so that the body can recover faster. For athletes who have an increased heart rate during training, vitamin C and vitamins from the B groups can be a good solution.”

So there you have it, an innovative brand that should help you look younger and run faster!