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FYI: Versace Eros Flame

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This time we’ve got a luxury fragrance you need to know about, as the Italian outfit VERSACE have just released EROS FLAME.

The new men’s perfume from the Italian fashion house carries an important message for new generations about the function of love and the power of diversity. Versace Eros Flame is a fragrance for a strong, confident and above all passionate man. A man who is proud, but also vulnerable, in contact with his emotions and craves the feeling of true love.

The design of the bottle is amazing as you would expect from Versace, with a gold cap quite literally capping off a supremely detailed total package. The Medusa head shows off in the middle of the Greek key motif on the bottle, the combination of the two makes this a recognizable image for Versace and adorns both the bottle and the perfume box. Truly a perfume that looks great and smells even better.