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FYI: Pupa Milano’s secret to perfect skin

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Pupa Milano is a brand we know well having worked with them on photoshoots for previous issues and it’s this inside knowledge that has us, and now our readers, in on their secret to perfect skin. Quite simply, it is products such as this; Prime Me.

A top-of-the-range primer for under 30 euros. For every skin type, this fine product reduces visible expression lines, coarse pore and bumps. The range helps your complexion become smoother and the skin becomes smoother, too, not to mention
velvety soft to the touch.

Also, for the ladies, this ensures that makeup stays longer and still easily applied. The texture is lightweight and soft thanks to the special formula. The formula is enriched with Soft Focus Elastomeric Polymers that the reduces lines, pores and imperfections.

Better still, as per from Pula Milano, this product is dermatologically tested and friendly to your skin thanks to zero alcohol and no oil. As well as the general primer, Pupa Milano also offers three colours; Green to fight anti-redness, Lilac for pale skin, and Peach for dull skin. These all give the skin a boost in their own way and act as a perfect base for other products such as the Setting Powder and Eye Primer in this range, too.

You can get in on this secret by shopping the whole collection at Pupa Milano.