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FYI: hannah’s Coaching Center

When we share our opinion about a brand with our readers, it is important to thoroughly examine the subject matter so that the experience is experienced as truly as possible.

Words by Gabriela Petralia

That is precisely why we visited hannah’s Coaching Center in Voorschoten, with the alibi being to trying out hannah’s muscle tissue massage. A skin analysis is performed beforehand to determine what the skin needs, followed by treatments with the right hannah products. The combination of exfoliation and a connective tissue massage is certainly one to repeat.

Not only did this hour make us forget that we were “there for work”, the result was certainly promising. With our faces made-up, a blissful sense of the sea and a natural glow from ear to ear, we drove back to the office. The first thing we did there was start looking at the agenda for a follow-up appointment. We are a fan. Work that skin!