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FYI: Casa Ron is the rum for your weekend

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At the start of the week, we gave you an insider on one of the best coffees in the world. Now, as it’s the weekend, how about some rum?

The rum connoisseurs out there will already know that Cuba is a hub for the creation of this world-renowned spirit. It is part of the DNA of the nation, thanks to amazing expertise and a fine choice of sugar cane that the drink is made from. It is no surprise then that Casa Ron takes such pride in representing the original rum houses of Cuba.

The result is the ‘real taste of Cuba,’ lighter and crisper than most rums with an outstanding taste. Casa Ron imports and distributes a fine selection of Cuban rum from the best and most respected rum houses of Cuba: Ron Santiago de Cuba, Ron Perla del Norte and Ron Cubay, all the way to your glass. The secret ingredient to a delicious cocktail this weekend, do check out Casa Ron – especially if Cuba is a step too far!