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Check out these unique coffee cups from illycaffè

illycaffè has presented the new illy Art Collection designed by Olimpia Zagnoli, a worldwide renowned Italian illustrator known for her colorful, minimalist art with retro gusto.

A tribute to both futurism and The Beatles, the collaboration between the iconic illy cups, designed by Matteo Thun in 1991 with added flair from Olimpia Zagnoli, gives a touch of originality to a special series dedicated to women. Specifically celebrating their unique character and the ability to create cooperation and a sense of togetherness, this is more than your average tea set!

The six new cups represent the Sisters, eclectic female characters of different women with possibly opposite characters, who meet in a bar while enjoying an espresso and a pastry – each with their own distinctive expression. The strong identities are projected in six colors: yellow, pink, blue, green, red and brown. The style of their glasses sets them apart whilst their necklaces become interchangeable accessories – just like friends.

The Olimpia Zagnoli collection is available in different sets:

  • Two espresso cups for €33
  • Two cappuccino cups for €43
  • Six espresso cups for €99
  • Six cappuccino cups for €129

Available from illycaffè, these are a must-have for any arty lover of coffee.