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Appelsap 2019 showcases Amsterdam’s diverse music scene

Amsterdam’s premier hip-hop festival returned with a varied and exciting line-up that enticed a stylish crowd to Flevopark once again.

Appelsap started as a block party nearly 20 years ago now and every year it seems to grow and further establish itself with its own vibe and aesthetic. With fruit stickers all over the promo, they’d gone for juicy with the promo and the line-up was full of nutrition, too, offering plenty to absorb across various stages such Octavian and Essie Gang, Lil Kleine, Smib and more.

As ever, Patta’s Soundsystem was a highlight, bringing together both local and international artists to their well-decorated stage that seemed to ooze underground Amsterdam culture throughout the overcast Saturday on which Appelsap was played out. Children of Zeus, Manchester’s hip-hop and soul duo, did their own inimitable thing in style here.

Photos by Jesse Koch

The vibe at Appelsap is laid back, especially in the earlier stages, before the likes of Lil Kleine (and Friends) ramped things up at around 8pm. As night fell, excitement and intrigue were in the air ahead of The Opposites headline performance. A comeback show of sorts, it had been a long time since both sides of this unique duo were on stage together.

It was an ‘I was there’ moment, an explosion of memory for longtime fans of this group and surely a captivating watch even for those who have travelled far and wide to see some of the foreign talents on show, too. More than just a highlight of the festival, Appelsap itself is more than just a highlight of the festival calendar and more so, a celebration of a city that is constantly producing creative excellence.

From the rawness of Ray Fuego to The Opposites closing set, the diverse music scene of Amsterdam and The Netherlands was served once again at Appelsap.