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Throwback Thursday: Is this the most cheeky goal ever scored?

March 28th marks one of the most niche days in the British football calendar, thanks to a famous goal scored on this date in 1998.

In a lower league match between Sheffield United and Port Vale, back on a fairly muddy pitch in the late 20th century, it was a run-of-the-mill Saturday afternoon. Yet, the match will be forever associated with a goal that has found its way onto Christmas stocking-filling DVDs with titles like ‘Own goals and gaffes’ ever since.

Breaking the offside trap, former Wales international, Dean Saunders found himself against just the goalkeeper. The only issue was that, he was way out against the touchline on the left wing. Quickly running out of pitch, Port Vale’s soon-to-be victim must have felt relieved as he ushered the ball out of play, buying his teammates time to come back and defend. These are feeling he must have had for all of about two seconds.

Thinking quicker than anyone else in Bramall Lane on that afternoon, Saunders took the throw-in quickly, knowing full well that he can’t pass to himself. Therefore, a quick bounce off of the goalkeeper’s back was the incredibly clever and comical solution, which ended up with the ball in the net.

A goal famous the world over, it was scored on this day in 1998.