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WATCH: GANT are flipping the career ladder

The international brand, GANT, has recently revealed a fascinating new incentive that aims to mix up the world’s current career ladder.

Flipping the Ladder is a documentary film released as part of GANT’s 70th anniversary since being founded in Stockholm in 1959. With the new release, the brand is trying to show the feelings that many people have about what that age-old conundrum: what do you want to do with your life?

Rather than following the normative structure, Flipping the Ladder watches as three subjects see what could happen if we follow a different path, following our heart and curiosities. The film, narrated by Rashida Jones, shows how GANT gives them the professionals a chance to try out a whole new career and will definitely be a source of inspiration for many.

Not only this, but GANT has introduced a ‘flipternship,’ offering an internship at their head office in Stockholm to people with zero experience of working in the field of fashion. Ladder, consider yourself flipped. Watch the full film here at GANT.