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President Penguin: Special delivery from Antartica

There’s a new fashion brand in town and it’s one that takes inspiration from none other than Antartica…

President Penguin specialises in exclusive fashion items as, with this first release, they have dropped some super cold bracelets. Advising everyone to take note of how penguins live their lives, going about their business in the bleakest of environments, President Penguin doesn’t take itself too seriously and there is certainly a sense of fun when it comes to these bracelets.

This first release from President Penguin comes in five different colourways. With themes of nature, you will find Supernova, Sunrise, Stardust, Firestorm and Amazon, with each combining unique collections of stones to create these limited edition pieces.

With the focus on quality rather than quantity, expect more releases of this nature from President Penguin. You can learn more about them on their website: