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From our Dutch grassroots to global excitement

Today marks a special milestone in the journey of Life After Football. We are entering a new era. An era that will see the transformation from our Dutch football website into an English one.

Dutch grassroots to global excitement

For almost two decades, we’ve proudly been creating content for our Dutch fans. We’ve been united by our love for the beautiful game, fashion, lifestyle and the individual stories and lives of football players off the pitch. We’ve celebrated victories, endured defeats, but most importantly we’ve always looked forward. 

We’re living in a globalised world where we are all connected through the internet and English is the primary language. For years, we’ve been running our social media platforms in English already and we’ve been lucky enough to build a global audience here. We see numerous advantages in terms of communication and most importantly collaboration.

With this transition we are embracing a global community of football lovers. From the bustling streets of Amsterdam and New York to the remote corners of Africa and Asia. We’re opening our doors to fans from all over the world. Because in football there are no boundaries. And as George Weah once said: ”Football is a universal language. It brings people together, irrespective of their nationalities, cultures or beliefs.”

As we kick-off this new era, we’re excited by the opportunities that will arise and the international stories we will cover. Over the years, we’ve been grateful for the footballers and managers who have opened up about their lives off the pitch with us. From Rangers’ cult hero Fernando Ricksen to one of the best strikers of the 21st century in Andriy Shevchenko. From the exciting and unfiltered Noa Lang to a man who won it all in Ronald Koeman. 

Our commitment and dedication to provide you with inspiring stories on football culture, fashion, lifestyle, the game itself and players’ life after football remains as strong as ever. Join us as we write the next chapter in Life After Football’s history. A chapter of endless possibilities. 

Yours truly,

Team Life After Football