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The dream of Eden Hazard comes true as he participates alongside his brothers in the King’s World Cup

Eden Hazard will indeed play alongside his two brothers in the Kings World Cup in Mexico, a tournament organized by former Barcelona player Gerard Piqué. The tournament is a variation of the Kings League, which is very popular among young people. The former Real Madrid player is not the only well-known player participating; others include former professionals such as Javier Hernandez, Iker Casillas, Sergio Aguero, and Joan Capdevila.

Eden Hazard - Kings World Cup

The brothers Hazard

Eden will be joined by Kylian (28, SK Beveren) and Ethan Hazard (20, Royale Union Tubize-Braine). Unfortunately, the quartet of brothers will not be complete: Anderlecht player Thorgan Hazard is sadly sidelined with a long-term injury. The Hazard brothers will play for FC Deptostra, the team led by the well-known Belgian YouTuber Céline Dept. Just like there are more well-known streamers involved in the competition.

Who is involved in the Kings League?

Piqué developed the format and Llanos, with over 8 million followers on Twitch, also played a significant role. Additionally, there are other well-known Spanish streamers involved in the project. Piqué hopes to reach the youth in this way. Furthermore, we see big names playing in the teams like Javier Hernandez, Iker Casillas, Sergio Aguero, and Joan Capdevila, but we also see many familiar faces in the stands like Jordi Alba or Riqui Puig. Other former professional footballers participating include Joan Verdu, Alberto Bueno, Sergio Garcia, Raul Tamudo, and Jonathan Soriano.

What is the Kings League?

It’s a competition with 12 teams. Various (former) professional footballers, streamers, and other influencers are involved with the teams. Each team consists of 12 players. The first 10 players are chosen through a draft from registered players. This registration was open to everyone. The 11th and 12th players are (former) professional footballers. The 11th player must remain the same throughout the season. The 12th player can vary from week to week.

What are the rules of the Kings League?

The 12 teams play matches every Sunday with two halves of 20 minutes each. It’s 7 against 7, and there are various other rules such as kick-offs in water polo style, unlimited substitutions, and penalties in the form of shoot-outs. Additionally, each match has five ‘Gold Cards’. Each team selects five cards blindly. These cards contain power-ups such as gaining a penalty, stealing a card from the opposing team, removing a player from the opponent for two minutes, or having each scored goal count double in the next minute. These rules are not yet set in stone, as fans are allowed to vote on the regulations.