Sofyan Amrabat




Happiness lies in the little things, or so the saying goes. In this magazine, you’ll discover where happiness truly comes from and what it means for everyone! Our cover star is none other than Soufiane Amrabat. The Moroccan international plays for Fiorentina in Italy, and we caught up with him in his current hometown of Florence. We talk to him about Morocco’s impressive performances at the World Cup in Qatar and how he has found his happiness in Serie A. We explore all facets of happiness with experts such as Maartje Derksen, Jan van Halst, Arjen Banach, and Kelly Weekers. Then, we delve into how happy the main characters in our magazine truly are. Marcus Pedersen is leading Feyenoord towards the championship and shares tips on how to easily find happiness. Davy Klaassen, his girlfriend Laura Benschop, and their dog Rio shine in front of the camera, telling their ‘happy life’ story and the love story of how they met and eventually formed their relationship. Rapper Idaly talks about his daily moments of happiness and the mood he was in when creating his latest album ‘Betty’. Additionally, we speak with the Dutch Boot Collector about his impressive collection of football boots from the greatest Dutch footballers and how he turned his hobby into his profession! In short, it’s a beautiful edition filled with diverse stories, all centered around the theme of ‘happiness’.

Please note that this magazine is written in Dutch.