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Xupes is De Bijenkorf’s first-ever pre-owned supplier

Last week, a wonderful new pre-owned and vintage (online) retailer opened with a pop-up in de Bijenkorf Amsterdam.

The first-ever shop in the iconic store to offer vintage and previously owned items, Xupes showcases vintage watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, IWC, JaegerLeCoultre, Omega, and Panerai Zenith.  The pop-up shop also has a special ‘Daytona wall’ with thirty rare pre-owned and vintage Rolex Daytona models in various styles.

The opening of the pop-up shop in the Bijenkorf is not the only thing happening around Xupes in Amsterdam. At the end of July, a showroom was opened in Amsterdam-Zuid where, in addition to watches, carefully selected pre-owned art, bags and jewellery are on show. This showroom is located around the corner from Vondelpark and is Xupes’ first office outside the UK. For the founders of Xupes, Joe and Frank McKenzie, the move to the Netherlands, and in particular to the Bijenkorf, was an easy decision to make:

“We are very excited that our first pop-up shop is being opened in such a well-known and luxurious department store as de
‘Bijenkorf,’ “says Joe, “because the choice for pre-owned products offers a way to consume more sustainably.”

The vintage market is thriving right now as people are growing more and more fond of sustainable fashion. Furthermore, the chance of finding rare pieces, such as those found in Xupes’ specially composed ‘Hard-To-Find’ collection, provides great excitement for some shoppers.