Who RUMS the world?

Anyone who says that rum is only for men is wrong!

CasaRon has developed a super tasty cocktail that is a hit for the ladies. CasaRon’s Ron Perla del Norte Carta Blanca mixed with Rose Lemonade causes a sweet explosion in the mouth and looks gorgeous, too.

This flowery cocktail is based on the “Fizz”. The “Fizz” became known during the Second World War. By replacing the sparkling water with Rose Lemonade, you give this drink its own twist. Combine the floral notes with strawberries and lime and every woman falls in love with this drink. This “Roses are Red” cocktail, garnished with delicious, sweet strawberries, is a perfect drink on a warm late summer evening.

Read the recipe below!


Ron Perla del Norte Carta Blanca

Fentimens Rose Lemonade

Pieces of strawberry

Lime slice

Ice cubes