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Westerpark West: The former Amsterdam office space turned trendy neighbourhood

Very few cities tie together nature and urban life as well as Amsterdam, as trickling canals pass under busy bridges and the rattling of trams is juxtaposed by humble bird song – should you be sat in the right area!

The newest neighbourhood to tie these two together is to Westerpark West, a former office space that is being converted into a beautiful residential area. Lucious greenery and gorgeous water where once stood endless computers, desks and dodgy coffee machines.

The striking and progressive residential buildings of Westerpark West will provide space for no less than 600 to 800 apartments. With surfaces of 32 m2 to 600 m2 and the possibility of both buying and renting, there is an apartment for every style of living, from young creatives to the established families. There will also be outlets such as coffee bars, restaurants and sports facilities for young and old in this contemporary, sustainable and low-traffic new neighbourhood.

They have penthouses on offer that provide panoramic views of Amsterdam, plus smaller apartments could provide investment opportunities for anyone looking to get a leg up on the property ladder. All of this plus some more natural beauty in the Dutch capital.

Penthouse views…