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Wednesday Wheels: Where to find exclusive new cars

Where is the best place to go car shopping?

Well, while there is no wrong answer to this question, if you’re based in the Netherlands there certainly is a correct one.

Thijs Timmermans in Waardenburg is the home of exclusive sports cars. Those looking for luxury automobiles will find some of the best on the market all in one place at this esteemed seller, as big brands like Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce can all be found under one roof.

They’re reputation is built on immaculate service. This does not just mean selling brand new cars, but also repairing your current one, too. Specialists in Mercedes vehicles, they are experts at anything to do with the iconic German brand, but can take on whatever wheels you might drive over to them in Waardenburg.

If you’re shopping for a new car at the moment, Thijs Timmermans might just be the best place to start. Take a look at a full selection of their exclusive vehicles here.