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Wednesday Wheels: Waterdream S-1100, the ultimate day boat

We have something a little different for our weekly automotive feature, as we take you from land to sea.

Meet the Waterdream S-1100, a boat that can truly do both. Capable of hitting amazing speeds for a boat of its size at 90 km/h and with a real sense of fun in the handling, this all Dutch, handmade work of art can also provide great comfort and a sense of adventure for the whole family.

The ultimate day boat, the Waterdream S-1100 is ideal for a vacation, with the 37-footer’s Shooting Brake able to reach 43 knots and sleep four happy sailors. Its size and speed make it ideal for watersports like water skiing, but also for just anchoring in the sunshine for some nautical relaxation. It can seat over 20 people at once so perfect for parties, too!

As mentioned, the boat was created entirely within the Netherlands, crafted by hand. Created with sloep in mind, a uniquely Dutch concept, this boat offers the most interior space for its size, is super-stable, fast and child-friendly.

To find out more about the Waterdream S-1100, head to Waterdream’s website.