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Rolex release ‘Pepsi’ colour timepiece

Rolex is surely one of the most famous brands in the world, truly a household name in their field of watchmaking.

And they have sought inspiration from another enormous brand, as the soft drink, Pepsi provides the colourway for a new Rolex GMT-Master III. With an 18ct White Gold casing, you would expect the attention surrounding such a watch to be on this super luxurious, durable material.

However, this watch is catching the eye thanks to that red and blue, Pepsi-style tint on the watch face. Priced at a whopping $37,000 USD – which is the price of around 37,000 bottles of Pepsi – the more low-key parts of this watch are impressive, too. Rolex’s new calibre 3285 movement is debuted in this timepiece, which is available direct from the iconic brand. 

As always, you are able to shop for Rolex at the famed Dutch watch and jewellery retailer, Gassan, too.