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Watch Wednesday: Audemars Piguet CODE 11.59

For Watch Wednesday this week, we are looking at a really special recent release from the prolific, celebrated watchmakers, Audemars Piguet.

AP are world renowned and as such, their release of the CODE 11.59 series earlier this year, caused a stir. With an original, octagonal shape, it certainly doesn’t fit the norm and that’s what the brand is going for here as they push the boat out a little further than most.

The process of creating the timepieces in this range required new techniques to be used from this traditional and longrunning watchmaker. Combining a round and octagonal case, the norm is well and truly broken here and the precision on every last detail is something to behold. Double curved, sapphire crystal glass protects the intricacies of the watch face, accentuating this elegant and unique shape even more.

The collection offers a few different timepieces, all stunning, making for either staple pieces or statement pieces depending on how you dress around it…

18-carat-pink gold holds the bulk of the material here, a watch made to stand the test of time and innovate whilst doing so. Retailing at 27.500 euros, this is a luxury watch and one worthy of our weekly timepiece feature.