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Throwback: Maradona’s first goal for Argentina

When was Diego Maradona’s first goal for Argentina? Ask a Scotsman of a certain age and they will tell you.

For it was in June 1979, that a young, slightly chubby-looking Argentine playmaker truly announced himself on the international stage. A player so special there is a film about him, Diego Maradona’s career has many landmarks and this first goal and all-round performance is definitely one of them.

As the chosen, beautifully retro and wonderfully soundtracked YouTube video below shows, he did way more than just score against Scotland on that sunny, seventies’ afternoon. Twisting and turning past defenders who were genuinely some world-class players back then, with Scottish football in it’s pomp, he gives a taste of what was to come in later years.

And then, there’s the goal itself. Composed is not even the word for the finish that a young Diego applies. Through on goal, he pauses and fakes to shoot – more than once – before calmly placing past a helpless Scottish goalkeeper who had just learn who this Argentine number 10 was.

His name will be etched into football history forever and, as far his goals for Argentina are concerned, it all started here.