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This limited edition Hennessy looks amazing

Hennessy is one of the most famous drinks in the world, revered not only for its taste but also for its look and signature bottle.

Well, although you can’t beat the classic look, this limited edition Hennessy might be the best looking bottle of Henny we’ve ever seen. Working with The Spanish-Argentinian urban street artist Felipe Pantone, the collaboration has created an almost psychedelic masterpiece.

Hennessy started the Very Special Limited Edition tradition in 2010 and previously developed urban artworks in the form of lessons with talents such as Vhils, JonOne and Futura. This year, the world’s best-selling brand of cognac went one step further and commissioned the creation of two original works of art as part of the collaboration that Felipe Pantone himself describes as Remixing the Present.

Felipe Pantone draws his inspiration from art history and his own nostalgic memories, which he uses in a powerful visual representation of the lightning-fast world of today. Hennessy, too, is a master at blending tradition and innovation, with the perfect balance between old and new for every cognac. This shared passion comes together in Remixing the Present, the motto of the newest Very Special Limited Edition.