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This cruise is a perfect footballer’s holiday…

If you are looking for some inspiration for a post-season, pre-season or international break vacation, then this might be exactly what you are after.

Celebrity Cruises are the luxury cruise line, reinventing the cruise ship for a younger, trendier holiday-goer, with the help of one of the most impressive ships anywhere in the world. As you rock up to the port, you spot the Celebrity EDGE way before you’ve left your Uber. 14 decks, glimmering in some Spring sunshine as she awaits to take some lucky passengers on her European Premiere – Life After Football was among them.

Once you’re on board, you immediately understand the whole concept of this ship, with groundbreaking, modern luxury very much the vibe.

The EDGE is edgy, with gorgeous and contemporary artwork lining the corridors of the ‘Magic Carpet,’ setting the tone before you’ve even seen your suite. Super tech-savvy for a new generation of sun-bound cruisers, the ship has face recognition and you can control the intricacies of your room via an app on your phone.

Adjust the temperature, open and shut the blinds, even when you’re elsewhere on the ship. This modern innovation is something of a theme, as you will notice smart, subtle details like the smoothest, cleverest elevators you will ever experience. These may sound like a minor detail, but with lots of restaurants, bars, a spa and plenty more to enjoy, you will be making many journeys up and down the ship – particularly if you are in one of the super luxurious Suites.

Staying in such accommodation is not only a treat inside the room thanks to a state-of-the-art bathroom, queen-sized bed, balcony and even a Samsung TV (with Sky Sports News). But it also has it’s advantages when you’re out of the room, thanks to access to the Luminae restaurant that even Celebrity Cruise staff were envious of! Furthermore, The Retreat, an exclusive area at the front of the ship with its own pool, hot tub, bar and cafe, gives you your own sense of privacy on what is already a peaceful, relaxing way to spend a holiday.

The ship’s centre is a work of art in itself, with amazing, spiralling architecture hosting a cluster of the EDGE’s best entertainment. A casino, a theatre, more restaurants and cocktail bars, thrive in this area where, depending on what floor you are sitting on, you can get some stunning views of the EDGE in all her glory.

With voyages across Italy, Spain and France, as well as the Amalfi Coast and the Caribbean, you can expect to see some glorious sights off of the EDGE, too, with daytime excursions across all destinations. As for the evening, this is another thing which sets the EDGE apart. All elements of fine-dining is to be enjoyed as you would expect on a luxury cruise but after dinner? Contemporary nightlife with live bands, DJs and even a very popular Silent Disco, is the offering of evening entertainment, as Celebrity brings club culture to the seas.

 In essence, what Celebrity Cruises have done is tilt the idea of a cruise to a new client who may not have ever been on one, by making a truly luxurious holiday experience one that a millennial can appreciate, too. Whatever you thought you knew about cruises, has just been reinvented and is waiting for you to discover it.