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The Opposites return to the stage for Appelsap 2019

Amsterdam’s premier hip-hop festival, Appelsap returns this weekend and the line-up is still growing thanks to the addition of The Opposites.

Returning after a long time silent, the duo will take to the stage at Appelsap’s iconic Flevopark setting on August 10th, sharing a stage for the first time in 5 years. An exclusive show, you won’t have seen these two perform together anywhere else this summer.

August 10th also just happens to be the birthday of Big2, one half of this duo so, with an unmistakable reputation for legendary shows at Lowlands and Pinkpop, among others, this exclusive performance also promises to be one of a mythical nature.

And The Opposites top an impressive bill from Appelsap, boasting hip-hop talent from all over the world. Tickets are still available for this weekend via