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The Miss Netherlands 2024 has been crowned

After a very eventful year, Rikkie Kollé handed over the crown to her successor, Miss Netherlands 2024, on Sunday, June 16. After a spectacular show in a packed Studio21 in Hilversum, the 26-year-old Amber Rustenberg from Amsterdam received the coveted title, sash, and crown. She will present herself as Miss Netherlands 2024 in the coming year and, together with the organisation, will shape her ambitions, dreams, and of course her mission.

Miss Netherlands hannah

During the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the main sponsor hannah Skin Improvement, with the presentation by none other than Kim Kötter and Viktor Brand, the 10 finalists showed what they are capable of under the watchful eye of an exuberant audience. Especially how they have grown over the past months into confident power women, each with their own mission. Supported by top artists such as Jaap Reesema, Carolina Dijkhuizen, PATRICIA, Gaia Aikman, and Michel Mulder, the audience was treated to an entertaining and above all spectacular evening with great enthusiasm and a big dose of energy. The guests, including many hannah skin coaches, not only enjoyed the regular parts such as the introduction, beach, and gala rounds but also took a unique trip down memory lane with 45 years of skin improvement from the Dutch cosmetic brand.

The jury

Despite all the finalists showing their qualities at a high level, Amber was chosen as Miss Netherlands 2024. This outcome was determined by a 6-member jury: photographer William Rutten, Grazia and Marie Claire editor-in-chief Annelies Pijper, presenter Bart Ettekoven, referee and public prosecutor Shona Shukrula, Miss Netherlands 2022 Ona Moody, and jury chair Monica van Ee (director of Miss Netherlands and main sponsor hannah). The 7th jury member was the audience in the room, as they were allowed to vote for their favorite finalist. Together they see Amber as the most worthy successor to Rikkie Kollé, Miss Netherlands 2023. The jury report reads: “This finalist is articulate, authentic, intelligent, stands confidently and positively in life, and has a warm personality that she truly radiates on stage.”

Miss Netherlands hannah skin

Amber Rustenberg

The 26-year-old Amber Rustenberg from Amsterdam is a business development consultant in her daily life. With her mission to be a voice for everyone who feels they cannot be themselves, she wants to advocate for diversity in all areas. Amber: “Wow, what an evening! I had such a great time and enjoyed both the entire process and the show. Last week I dreamed that I would become Miss Netherlands, and look now, that dream has become reality! I am proud of myself and my fellow finalists, we rocked it. Now I am going to take a moment to relax and then work hard in my role as Miss Netherlands. Together with the organization, I want to bring more attention to diversity and inspire others to be who they want to be. Diversity is not just a buzzword or a trendy theme. It is the foundation that colors and strengthens our society. With a Dutch mother and a Surinamese father, I know how much happiness it can bring when two cultures mix. Let’s unite for an inclusive Netherlands with equal opportunities for every individual, regardless of gender, religion, or background. Alone you are strong, but together you are stronger.”

Monica van Ee on the newly crowned Miss Netherlands

“The ten champions who stood on stage have shown that self-confidence and self-awareness truly make you beautiful. They have become a very close-knit group in just three months. We have discovered that they are fully committed and collectively radiate women empowerment and sisterhood. Each finalist will hopefully look back on an accelerated ‘life lesson.’ Be kind to yourself and stay true to who you are, because you are always good enough. Our finalists can never lose, although only one can win the crown. Despite it being quite a task for the jury, the final choice fell on Amber. A powerful woman who stands firmly on her own feet and clearly knows what she wants in life. In the past few months, and certainly during the show, she has proven to offer the complete package as Miss Netherlands; beauty, brains, and business. As the jury chair and director of this organization, you can only be incredibly proud of that!”