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The luxurious Hotel Lutetia is worth the drive to Paris…

Life After Football recently had the pleasure of taking a drive with Range Rover to the beautiful city of Paris, where a stay at the Hotel Lutetia was awaiting us.

Such luxury and comfort was very much the theme of the trip, as even on the journey from Conservertorium Amsterdam to Paris, luscious countryside was enjoyed from the premium comfort of our Range Rover as exclusive car partner of the Set Hotels. Arriving in Paris, the bubbling city that it is, Hotel Lutetia is like a retreat into calmness within the French capital.

The first luxury hotel on Paris’ iconic Left Bank and the 2nd luxury hotel of the Set Hotels, it is decorated with 20th-century Parisian artwork and since it’s inception, it has been a meeting point for cultured people. Its stunning lobby greets you and from there, you have left the streets of Paris for something still uniquely French and perfectly Parisian.

A hotel designed by artists, it’s modernisation in more recent years have kept this tradition but mixed it with a more contemporary teel, making it still the go-to hotel in the city. Our experience was flawless, with their ‘Patio Saint Germain’ being the perfect place to enjoy exquisite cuisine and talk PSG. In a city like Paris, it perhaps goes without saying that the food and wine here at Hotel Lutetia is an experience in itself. A traditional brasserie with a Mediterranean twist, fresh seafood takes centre stage in this fitting setting of such luxury food courtesy of Michelin Star chef, Gérald Passedat.

Looking out from the hotel you can expect gorgeous views across the city, whilst inwards the design of the hotel and services such as massages in Akasha wellness help your trip to Paris become one with all the relaxation of a beachside getaway. Whether you arrive in Paris by a Range Rover or some other way, we can’t recommend staying at Hotel Lutetia enough.