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FYI: Swinckels’ is the perfect pilsner…

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This week we’re raising a glass to an incredible family brewery, that’s beer is going up against the big boys. A 100% independent brewery, Royal Swinkels has been making it’s delicious beers for over 300 hundred years, committing itself to sustainable growth and a passion for sharing a beer with the world.

First popping up in De Kerkdijk, the humble operation has since grown and grown but never lost that in-house, DIY spirit. In a world where craft beers are all the rage, Royal Swinkels beautifully blurs the lines between the modern brewers and the traditional, serving what is the most important thing at the very end; great beer.

Now with six breweries across locations as renowned for its hops such as Bavaria and de Koningshoeven, the range of products coming from this family brewer is exceptional. Their namesake pilsner, Swinckels, combines seven generations of brewing experience. A superior pilsner, brewed with pure mineral water from its own source, they add barley malt from their own malting plant, a yeast that is specially grown for the Swinkels family and specially selected hops.

Swinckels‘ has a unique character, to be described as slightly spicy and fruity with a refined bitter, ending with a nice, soft finish. Swinckels’ is golden yellow and clear in colour, looking like the hoppy, fresh beer that it is. The beer has a full body in which the pleasant bitter lingers over the length of the palette. As a result, this is a pilsner that goes well with appetizer snacks, as well as with fish, sashimi and peking duck.

Not bad for a family brewer.