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Still looking for that ‘New Year, New Gym?’

It’s the same thing every year, isn’t it?

Whilst you toast to midnight on New Years Eve, it’s almost surprising you can’t hear a worldwide ripple and countless people utter words about ‘going to the gym this year.’ But, despite how appealing that new flat stomach might be, getting to the gym in the new year is rarely that simple.

Is gym anxiety a thing? It should be, because finding the right one can be really difficult. If you’re the sort of person for whom going to the gym is a big deal, it’s unlikely you’re going to want to walk into an enormous complex with gym veterans and bodybuilders lining the walls and watching and judging your every lunge. Fortunately, we think we might have found the perfect gym to fulfil your New Years’ resolution.

Gym Republic in Amsterdam’s Old South has everything you could need, but within the more humble confines of it’s small and efficient space. State-of-the-art equipment is preferred to having a huge mega gym, allowing more one-to-one, personalised staffing, too. And under this roof, they offer group lessons, personal training, physiotherapy and nutritional advice, too. This makes it possible for everyone to get the most out of training and goes a long way to ensure that you are motivated to go to the limit.

A must-visit spot for anyone who was supposed to have already started going to the gym in 2019.