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State-of-the-art gym equipment in your own home…

This is a true success story that started in the garage of Technogym founder, Nerio Alessandri.

Building his own equipment then for personal use, the brand has grown to become to largest gym equipment company around, boasting an amazing history of innovation and design in their field.

Growing up in Cesena, Italy, Alessandri’s dream has gone from a humble garage to an entire village that acts as the HQ of Technogym. It’s an amazing setting where we had the pleasure of visiting, with an emphasis on a beautiful balance between work, fun and working out. For example, employees have a two-hour lunch break – enough time to eat, socialise and of course, work out.

An inspiring place, it is no wonder that Technogym and it’s staff are leading the way in gym equipment right now, not only equipping some world-renowned gyms, but also able to equip home gyms, too. With our focus on the world of professional football, the thought of a custom-built, Technogym-approved workout space was particularly enticing – especially with the season having just ended.

Perfect for professional athletes looking to gain an extra advantage, their equipment is also truly state-of-the-art as that Italian flair and passion for architecture comes across in everything they make. For innovation, exercise perfection in your own home – or garage – definitely check out Technogym. They are the best in the world for a reason.