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Spotlight: Patrón tequila

One of the most famous brands in the world, you know you’re in a good bar when you can see a bottle of Patróntequila behind the bartender. From Mexico to the world, Patrón is as tasty as it is iconic.

We’re pleased to have Patrón setting the tone for our Fashion Player Awards on the 4th November. On a night where we will find out which of our Fashion Player nominees received the most votes, guests will be greeted with a Patrón tequila cocktail.

The iconic Patrón was created with a singular vision: To produce the world’s finest ultra-premium tequila. From the start,  traditional methods have been used for their hand-made tequilas —like using a two-ton volcanic rock to crush the piñas of the agave plant, or hand-trimming and cutting agave before baking it.


And, once our Fashion Player guests have stepped out of the rainproof golf carts taking them right up to our exclusive venue, the refreshing, undoubtedly cool taste of a Patrón-tinted cocktail will be on the tongue. Quite what cocktail Patron’s experts have up their sleeves, shall be found out on the night.

However, there are plenty of options. From margaritas to Patrónics, possibilities are endless with this famous tequila. Coming in an amazing range of flavours, there is a Patrón tequila for everyone. What a perfect way to start what will be a special night of football and fashion.