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Spotlight: Hairworld Istanbul

As our Fashion Player Award gets closer, we continue to put the spotlight on brands that will be present on what promises to be a special night.

As far as innovative brands go, few are more forward-thinking than Hairwold Istanbul. Their goal is to be a leader in the field of hair transplants, not only in the Netherlands but all over the world. That’s why they are always looking for ways to improve their techniques so that anyone can consider a lifechanging hair transplant.

After years of scientific research, Hairworld Istanbul has a breakthrough in the field of stem cells in relation to hair transplants. People with hair problems, complete baldness, hair thinning or simply a correction are eligible for an FUE-CT STEMCELL hair transplant.


Stem cells are extracted from the fatty tissue and the stem cells are processed with the unique FUE-CT STEMCELL technique and introduced to the scalp. The function of the stem cell is to optimize the scalp, hair roots and blood circulation. Given the problems with people with frizzy hair, people with a weak donor area, people who have already undergone surgery elsewhere, people with scalp problems, HWI now has the total offer for a hair transplant. HWI has already treated many patients with the FUE-CT STEMCELL. None other than Huub Smit, the actor from the “Undercover” and “New Kids” series, has recently undergone an FUE-CT STEMCELL hair transplant at HWI. 

This game-changing brand will be present at our Fashion Player Awards night, giving guests the opportunity to learn more about the endless work that Hairworld Istanbul is doing.