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Spotlight: CasaRon

In our Spotlight series, we are taking a closer look at the brands who make the Fashion Player Award night the spectacle that it is – like CasaRon, for example.

Everyone knows Cuba for its colourful architecture, cigars, rum, classic cars and the tropical climate. During trips to Cuba, and in particular the enchanting and colorful city of Havana, CasaRon discovered the true Cuban lifestyle that would inspire their adventure.

The island has a strong social community. There is always something to celebrate, regardless of the reason. Enjoying life is always paramount. Unique style, excellent taste, The Caribbean produces the world’s best rum, the place where the climate is best for growing sugar cane. This is reflected in the quality of the Cuban rum.

The rum houses have developed a unique style – lighter and more refined – with an excellent taste. CasaRon imports and distributes a nice selection of Cuban rum from the best and most respected rum houses in Cuba: Santiago de Cuba, Cárdenas and Central Rum Factory.

Amongst the fashion and football culture at our forthcoming event, expect to feel the presence of Cuba and CasaRon in the glasses of our guests.