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Shaving with hannah…

Most men don’t want to spend a long time in front of the mirror with all kinds of different creams and with hannah, it takes no time to take care of your skin.

Simply start by cleansing the face in the shower with their Cleansing Oil and then wash your body with the hannah Shower Treatment – then you are ready for the shave of your life! Whereas shaving foam or gel can dry out the skin considerably, increasing the risk of irritation, the Cleansing Oil and Shower Treatment do the exact opposite.

The lack of foaming ensures that our skin’s natural barrier is kept intact, leaving no greasiness and a soft, fresh and comfortable feeling. Furthermore, hannah offers an extra product for something even closer to shaving perfection. If you have some damage after shaving, hannah’s FiXing Touch is the new go-to product.

The FiXing Touch has been specially developed to quickly restore damaged and/or irritated skin. It not only ensures that the skin recovers faster but also regulates a good moisture balance in the skin. It helps to increase the resistance of the skin and also gives your skin that pleasant post-shave feeling that we crave.

hannah’s attention to detail when it comes to skincare cannot be beaten and for a routine specially catered to your own skin, hit up their website or find one of their skin coaches in your region.