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Ryan Babel stars in new reality TV show “Love Undercover”

Former Ajax and Liverpool star Ryan Babel steps into the world of reality TV with “Love Undercover”. This unique show challenges five former and current footballers to find love in California’s famous Hollywood neighbourhood while concealing their true identities as athletes.


“Love Undercover” premiered on Peacock on May 9th, and features Ryan Babel alongside former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara and others like Charlton defender Lloyd Jones and Mexican players Marco Fabian and Sebastian Fassi. These current and former players have to navigate the tricky waters of dating and building relationships while not revealing their true professions. The twist of the show comes during each episode, which features these athletes adopting new professions, such as a construction worker or barber, to mask their actual careers.

The show features a mix of romance and drama by highlighting the deception that takes place as these relationships develop. As tensions and suspicions rise among the participants and their potential matches, the series sets the stage for dramatic reveals and heartfelt confessions as each player eventually unveils his true profession. With his charismatic presence, Babel adds a fascinating dynamic to the contrasting nature of love and truth within the show.