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Philips’ Lumea IPL x Moïse Trustfull

The Dutch actress, presenter entrepreneur and Instagram influencer, Moïse Trustfull, has linked up with Philips to show off the brand’s latest IPL.

Changing the game of hair removal, the Lumea is an easy to use, super-effective piece of kit from the ever-innovating brand that is Philips. Featuring curved attachments that are tailored to those who use it, Lumea is completely cordless and Philips’ best IPL ever.

They even have six reasons why the Lumea is so effective:

1. 6 months of hair-free smoothness 

2. Up to 92% hair reduction in just 3 treatments

3. It only takes around eight and a half minutes to treat lower legs

4. Developed with dermatologists – safe on sensitive skin

5. Corded and cordless

6. Free app for personalised support and guidance

Of all these points, perhaps the personalised support and guidance available in the free app is the most impressive, as they bring their product to its tech potential. Moïse has modelled the Lumea herself and if it’s good enough for her…