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Our own Regi Blinker for the KLABU and Filling Pieces Keti Koti collab ‘United Spirit: Family’

KLABU and Filling Pieces proudly continue their collaboration with the new ‘United Spirit’ capsule collection for Keti Koti 2024, this time with the theme of ‘Family’. In Surinamese culture, the celebration of family holds deep-rooted significance as it is a moment to show respect for the past and embrace the future. Family symbolizes unity, the passing down of heritage, the preservation of traditions, and the creation of new ones.


Suriname’s heritage is intertwined with a history of forced migration and slavery, the abolition of which is commemorated with Keti Koti, literally meaning ‘broken chains’ in Sranantongo. Today, Suriname is a cultural melting pot where family unity serves as an essential and solid foundation. Each generation passes on knowledge, confronts challenges, and collectively stands against oppression, aiming to achieve freedom and existence. The ‘United Spirit’ collaboration explores these themes and encourages a journey of self-discovery and reverence for one’s roots.

In celebration of the collaboration, KLABU and Filling Pieces have brought together 16 talented individuals of Surinamese and Caribbean descent, along with their friends and family, to represent the richness, diversity, and resilience of the diaspora. This year, our focus is on celebrating the theme of ‘Family’. The campaign features football legend and DJ Eljero Elia, rappers Architrackz and Latifah, and music producer FS Green. They each share their unique stories and experiences, highlighting the theme of togetherness and the enduring bonds of family.

The second year of the collaboration between KLABU and Filling Pieces brings us closer to the main goal: building a clubhouse in Suriname that supports local children and their families through sports, art, and education. The collaboration began in 2023 during the 150th celebration of Keti Koti, where many supported us by purchasing the specially designed ‘United Spirit’ t-shirt. In 2024, KLABU started implementing a diverse and creative sports and play program at Community Tennis Suriname, aiming to reach 6,000 children over the next five years. While we are still seeking support to establish and launch the clubhouse in 2025, the impact of the collaboration is already evident: the proceeds from last year’s shirt sales have funded art and design workshops, as well as some of the initial phase activities of the project.

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Celebrate Keti Koti and support the Suriname Spirit project by wearing the ‘United Spirit: Family’ capsule collection. Starting June 27, 2024, adult and children’s shirts, along with a jacket, will be available in our online stores and through Filling Pieces and KLABU stores.