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Noussair Mazraoui shares his hair transplantation journey

The 26-year-old Bayern Munich right-back Noussair Mazraoui underwent a hair transplantation in 2021. In an interview with Zorgeloos RTL4 and the Amsterdam Hair Institute, the former Ajax-player opened up about this personal journey. Having struggled with hair loss, Mazraoui sought help from the Amsterdam Hair Institute to regain confidence and restore his hairline. ‘’I noticed my hairline receding, so I started covering it. I wasn’t ready to go bald yet.’’ However, after the procedure, he expressed: ‘’I’m still the same Nous, but I now stand even stronger.’’

Noussair Mazraoui hair

The transformation did not just reflect a physical change, but also a boost in confidence for the Moroccan international. He went from a receding hairline to a full head of hair.   

Mazraoui was being treated in the Amsterdam Hair Institute with the unique FUE CT hair transplantation. A FUE CT method is 100% tailormade so the end result is much better. The success rate of this procedure at the Amsterdam Hair Institute is 97% after just one treatment.  

Amsterdam Hair Institute is renowned for its expertise in hair transplantation and commitment to client satisfaction. Mazraoui’s positive experience serves as a testament to the institute’s professionalism and effectiveness in addressing hair loss concerns. For those considering similar options, Amsterdam Hair Institute offers top-notch services in hair restoration and aesthetics. With the help of experts, individuals like Mazraoui, Ruud Gullit and Davy Klaasen regained their confidence and started to feel empowered in their appearance again on and off the field.