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Night Lovell: “Dark stories straight from the soul.”

Meet Night Lovell, the Canadian rapper telling ‘dark stories’ straight from his soul…

Words by Gabriela Petralia, photos by Shots Fired

Dark, mysterious tones are heard through the speakers when you play out Night Lovell’s ‘Dark Light’, the track that has been listened to almost 41 million times worldwide. The mastermind behind this cloud rap is Shermar Paul (21), born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. We talk to him in a remote shed in Amsterdam West about seeing no daylight, his debut at the Olympic Games and what the medium Soundcloud has meant for his musical career…

It is the second time that Night Lovell has visited Amsterdam, the first time was two years ago. The Netherlands reminds him of Ottawa, his birthplace in Canada. It gives him a good feeling to be back. The reason for his visit is his European Tour and the launch of his third album, Good Night Lovell, which he took to Paradiso.

“The best shows were London, Frankfurt and Munich. I did not expect my German fans to be so enthusiastic!” says Paul.


Shermar Paul’s dream came true when the rapper was only 17 years old. Four years and three albums later, his life has changed considerably. Shermar: “Now, because of my music, I am allowed to travel around the world, something I love doing most.”

What most people don’t know is that, before his musical career got off the ground, he practised athletics at a high level. He even travelled to Nanjing in China to participate on behalf of Canada in the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games. “In the short term, the choice for sport might have been better, but I was sure that if I had patience, music would turn out better still.”

Of course, Europeans are aware that football is a less popular sport outside of Europe. Or more so, in North America. Nevertheless, the Canadian rapper had some interest in the sport from an early age. “This has everything to do with my hero Usain Bolt,” Shermar explains. Bolt is, as is well-known, a passionate football fan. He does not hide that, and in doing so, he has closed the gap between the sports for Shermar and others.

Shermar’s biggest source of inspiration is his father, who is also a rapper and it from him that he “borrowed” the name Lovell. He is also inspired by the world around him and by his fans. “I regularly hear from fans that I have helped them through difficult periods and this inspires me for new tracks.” His goal is to reach and inspire even more people with his “dark” stories. Stories that come straight from his soul.

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