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FYI: NETGEAR have made the first ever WiFi speaker

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The innovators at NETGEAR have made some history in recent months, as they finished developing the first ever WiFi router with built-in speakers.

Not satisfied with routers having only one purpose, the creators of this game-changing device have worked with the audio experts, Harman Kardon, to create a smart-speaker WiFi router. Coming with voice-activation technology as well, this is a serious piece of tech and a must-have for anyone who prides themselves on having the latest gadgets.

The Orbi Voice Smart Speaker provides WiFi coverage throughout the house (up to 186 square meters or more), with up to 3Gigabit per second of combined WiFi speed and high-quality audio by Harman Kardon for incredible sound in every room. Thanks to the built-in Amazon voice assistant functionality, which is fully integrated into the Orbi Voice Satellite, Alexa can be asked to play music from the most popular music services. Alexa can also to set notifications from your social network sites, operate IoT devices, give traffic information, weather, sports results and much more, without the need for a separate Amazon Echo device.

Small in size, big in potential

Retailing at just under 500 euros, this new release from NETGEAR might just leave you looking at your current WiFi router with a look that says; ‘is that all you do?’