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Motorola brings popular RAZR model back

Who remembers Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, or Nicole Richie with their bright pink Motorola RAZR V3? Well, guess what… The razr is back! On the 1st of July, Motorola launches its newest, fashionable foldables: the razr 50 ultra and the razr 50. Stylish smartphones that combine advanced technology with elegant design and trendy, eye-catching colors.

Motorola Razr 50

The new razr 50 family stands out with its bold colors and luxurious materials. And yes, it also comes in the iconic Hot Pink color we know from the early 2000s! Additionally, the razr 50 ultra is available in Spring Green, Midnight Blue, and the trendy Pantone™ Color of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz. The razr 50 comes in soft, vegan leather finishes such as Beach Sand, Koala Grey, and Spritz Orange. These phones are not only a feast for the eyes but also feel great to the touch thanks to the soft finishes and contoured edges.

Match your OOTD with your smartphone

Did you know that you can now match your phone’s wallpaper with your outfit? The razr 50 family features Style Sync, an AI function that makes your smartphone an extension of your OOTD. Under ‘Wallpapers,’ you can select the ‘AI-generated’ option. Then, take a photo of (a part of) your outfit, and the Style Sync function will automatically generate various wallpaper options. Additionally, Motorola has developed a Premium case with a carrying strap, turning your smartphone into a true accessory. Time to match!

Photos from all angles

For photo and content creation enthusiasts, the razr 50 family offers a camera experience that meets all your smartphone needs with a 50 MP main camera featuring advanced AI functions. You can also use the foldable in various positions for photos with Flex View. And last but not least, with the Photo Booth function on both the internal and external cameras, you can combine four photos into a collage ready to share instantly.

The powerful performance of the razr is supported by a battery that lasts from day to night, while wireless charging enhances convenience. Moreover, Motorola introduces the moto tag, a stylish accessory that helps you always find your valuable belongings via Google’s Find My Device network.

Motorola Razr 50
Motorola Razr 50