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Minotti open doors to beautiful interior design…

Last week had the pleasure of being present as Minotti opened the new Minotti Studio at Co van der Horst in Amstelveen.

The collaboration is the result of a long-term relationship that the Minotti and Van der Horst families have with each other. Both share a dedication to contemporary interior, based on passion, authenticity and originality. The stunning presentation, designed in consultation with the creative department of Minotti HQ and Co van der Horst, shows a design concept that perfectly translates the uncompromising vision of Minotti into both the residential and hospitality sectors.

The architecture is what this was all about. You feel welcome thanks to the design of everything on display, as a dynamic combination of shapes, colors and refined materials created a fitting vibe for the whole exhibition. It wasn’t just the best of this collab’s work on show, it was the extent of it too, so varied from the ceilings to the floor.

For more information about these innovators of interior design, head to Minotti’s website.