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Meet Nemiroff: A renowned Ukrainian premium vodka brand

Nemiroff is a renowned Ukrainian premium vodka brand with a legacy of more than 150 years. Known for its uncompromising commitment to quality, Nemiroff crafts premium vodkas using only natural ingredients that embody the rich Ukrainian heritage and deliver an exceptional taste experience. From classic vodkas to innovative flavour infusions, Nemiroff continues to set the standard for excellence in the spirits industry.

Nemiroff Vodka

In 1872, following a remarkable reconstruction, the Nemiroff distillery emerged as the largest and most influential establishment in Podillya, becoming a key player in the regional alcohol export to Europe. Its reputation had already spread beyond borders, thanks to its exceptional quality. While other producers relied on cheap potato-based spirits, Nemiroff set a new standard, utilizing high-quality grain alcohol in its production.

Today, Nemiroff is proud to be #1 premium vodka brand from Ukraine and #1 vodka exporter from Ukraine.

Brand’s hero product, Nemiroff De Luxe, is an exceptional fascinated vodka we are selling globally since 2018. Its smoothness and complexity became legendary. It is vodka with character, inspired by a centuries old vodka making tradition in Ukraine. This is an example of strict, classic spirit. It consists of luxury wheat alcohol, pure water, bit of of honey and special ingredient that makes it unique – linden flower aromatic alcohol. The linden tree is a part of our region terroir.

Nemiroff Vodka

Our skilled craftsmen blend these ingredients using charcoal filtration, enriching the liquid with minerals and creating a unique, rich flavor. Also, Nemiroff De Luxe is produced with 11 stages of filtration, last two are silver and platinum.

As a result – clean, crisp aromatics tease the nose with hints of apple, lemon peel and mint. On the palate, it is smooth and full-bodied, with just the right hint of spice and citrus notes, a touch of apple and a long, dry finish with lemon zest and peppermint notes. Nemiroff De Luxe is a great base for Vodka Martini and actually all kinds of cocktails because of its flexibility.

Nemiroff believes in people’s Spirit and reaches its global clients with message of self-determination. “That’s my Spirit” is a call to believe in yourself and feel the Power of your own Spirit.

Everyone has a Spirit. What’s Yours?

Nemiroff De Luxe. That’s My Spirit.