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Meet JAKE: All you need in one shake or bar

A great band once said Modern Life is Rubbish, and whilst this may or may not be true, few can deny that the fast-paced lifestyle that we all live has it’s negative effects.

One of those is on the food we eat, with it becoming harder and harder to find time to prepare meals with all the nutrients we need. The great irony is, that the more of these we get in the better we will feel whilst we rush about our modern lives.

Fortunately, some people are ahead of the game, like JAKE. The Amsterdam brand, founded in 2015, makes complete food: meal replacement shakes and bars with all the nutrients that our body needs. Furthermore, Jake is 100% plant-based, so lactose-free, animal-free and completely vegan.

Jake’s approach is purely rational – they are not expecting people to stop eating anything else. In collaboration with dietitians, they searched for which nutrients the human body needs exactly. They were then all put in one shake. The result? An innocent-looking smoothie that contains more nutrients than your average meal.

They come in tasty flavours, too, with the shakes available in banana, vanilla and forest fruits. The bars are available in the flavours of forest fruits and coffee cacao, for a delicious and nutritious way to give your body what it needs all in one place. Tasty efficiency.