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Lumen E10: The first electric boat fully developed for a silent sailing experience

JR Yachts presented the LUMEN E10 at the Royal Yacht Club in Muiden. This fully electric-powered, ten-meter-long boat is a true innovation on the water. Specially designed to travel long distances as quietly as possible, the LUMEN E10 is the result of 5 years of meticulous research. This sets the LUMEN apart from other electric boats, where the absence of a combustion engine often reveals many other sources of noise. With the iconic above-water hull – designed by Mulder Design – and the efficient underwater hull, designed by Jaap de Jonge of JR Yachts, the LUMEN E10 offers a range of 100 to 160 kilometers at a cruising speed of 13 km/h. It is even possible to water ski or wakeboard silently behind the LUMEN at speeds of 30-35 km/h. The spacious cockpit, sunbed, and swim platform provide a unique experience for lovers of elegance and class. This way, you can experience the true peace and quiet of sailing, with the convenience of a motorboat.

Lumen E10

Imagine gliding smoothly over the water’s surface, surrounded by silence, only interrupted by the gentle ripple of the waves. No roaring engines, but the feeling of floating, free from worries and constraints – that is the essence of electric boating at its best. And that is exactly what JR Yachts wants to offer its customers with the new LUMEN E10, at a time when electric boating is playing an increasingly significant role in major cities and nature reserves. While other electric boats only replace the main engine, the LUMEN E10 is the only boat where all noise has been eliminated through years of research. The boat does not have components that produce ancillary noise – such as an impeller pump or motor gearing – and the propellers are also designed to produce as little noise as possible. The LUMEN E10 also stands out in terms of user-friendliness, with a steering system that responds just like in a car. This makes the boat easy to maneuver and dock even without any sailing experience.

Innovation below the waterline

With the LUMEN E10, designed for a higher segment, JR Yachts is introducing a new label to the market. The hull shape below water is the foundation of the boat and is specifically designed for electric gliding on the water. The length of the waterline and the hull shape play a crucial role in the performance and behavior of a boat in the water. “A streamlined hull shape with minimal resistance is one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency.” This allows you to travel further on a single charge, which is especially important for optimizing range. With an efficient hull shape, you can spend more time on the water and less time at the charging station. “The design above water is sleek, modern, and minimalist, perfectly synchronizing with the hull,” says Jaap de Jonge, director of JR Yachts and designer of the LUMEN E10.

Large range and sustainable materials Besides the hull shape, other important aspects influencing the performance of an electric boat include the production process, the right motor, battery, material, and weight. These form the building blocks for a smooth, silent, and above all efficient boating experience. In terms of material, the LUMEN E10 uses vinyl ester among others. Combined with the vacuum-infused sandwich construction, the hull can be built 50% lighter than comparable hulls in aluminium or polyester. Vinyl ester can also be combined with a hard gel coat. This makes the construction durable and resistant to wear, cracks, osmosis, and impact, minimizing maintenance and operational costs. “Partly thanks to the lightweight, the LUMEN E10 has a large range of 100 to 160 kilometres on a single battery charge at a speed of 13 km/h. “This gives you a lot of freedom: you can sail all day carefree knowing there is enough power to enjoy the peace and beauty of the water with the assurance that you can cover sufficient distance,” says De Jonge.

Back to basics

The introduction of the LUMEN E10 marks a milestone in sustainable cruising on the water. “We went back to the essence of boating: peace, freedom, and relaxation,” says Jaap de Jonge. “Everything is focused on the voyage itself: experiencing nature in silence and luxury. All systems, such as the steering wheel, joystick, and fully integrated dashboard, are designed for intuitive and effortless control in all conditions,” says De Jonge.

To introduce the LUMEN E10, it will go on a tour both in the Netherlands and internationally. In the Netherlands, with a nod to its Frisian roots, an eleven-city tour through the most beautiful water-rich areas of the country is planned. After that, the international tour will start in Switzerland, Italy, and the South of France. The full tour schedule can be found at